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This Contract made by and between, Porteus BBQ LLC PO Box 3307, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, hereinafter called Porteus, and ________________________________________, address _____________________________________________hereinafter called Client.




In Consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions contained herein, Porteus and Client agree as follows:


1)      Client and Porteus agree on the date of _________________ for the event at Location ____________________________________________________________.

2)      Client agrees that a four-hundred-dollar non-refundable deposit will be paid to hold the day. Deposit will be applied to an invoice which will remain Clients invoice throughout. Deposit counts as first payment on total balance.


a.       Client may adjust that invoice until three weeks prior.


3)      Client agrees to pay Porteus in full three weeks prior to event based on final invoice.

4)      Porteus agrees when Client requests a whole or half pig that Porteus will determine the size to accommodate the number of guests, slaughter, cook, cut up, provide BBQ sauce on the side, serve to guests 1st time thru, (then they may come back), at the proper time Porteus will put left overs into Ziploc bags, those are Clients to keep.

a.       Porteus and Client agree that slaughtering of pigs will be done by a Licensed slaughter house to ensure the quality of the pig is good to feed the public.  


5)      Porteus agrees to provide the menu Client has chosen, with the count also provided by Client, which is on the final invoice.


6)      Client agrees to provide menu and number of guests as soon as possible so Porteus can line up staff.  Porteus and Client also agree that adjustments may be made until three weeks prior.


7)      Client agrees to provide two six foot tables for catering.  Porteus agrees to provide white plastic throw away table cloths for the catering tables. Client may provide table cloths if they wish.


8)      Porteus will cut pig on site, unless requested by Client to be cut up ahead of time.  Pork will not be displayed on table with fruit like on the website. (That pig is raw)

a.       The head will only be left on if requested by Client prior to slaughter.

9)      Client agrees to provide power to tables with extension cords per discussion prior to event based on menu choices.

10)   Client agrees to provide a detailed map to the sight of event.

11)  Porteus will only clear guest tables if arranged ahead of time and for a minimum fee of $50.00 for 50 plates or less and $1.00 a plate there after.

12)  Porteus reserves the discretion on where to park the pig cookers based on convenience and drivers’ ability to ensure no damage will take place in the parking of the cooker.

13)  Porteus requests that bee traps be set up 2 weeks prior to the event. Bees have been a problem the last few years and freshly cooked pork is an attractant.

14)  Client agrees that only a deposit will hold the day, there will be no verbal holding, unless other payment arrangements have been made.

15)  Porteus agrees that pricing will not change after deposit is received.

16)  Porteus and Client agree that Porteus will be on location for 3 hours at no extra fee, after 3 hours there will be a $50.00 per hour charge. Porteus would like to discuss the time line to try and ensure that we can provide Clients catering needs within the 3-hour limit.

17)  Client understands that May thru September is our busy season and Porteus will do their best to maintain communication within the three weeks prior to Clients event. There may be a few days of down communication due to out of town events and limited time and service. Please leave messages, texts or emails and Porteus will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Client understands that each event is very important to Porteus.

18)  Client agrees that it is at Porteus’ discretion on where we will travel with our pig cookers, i.e. The North Fork road will not be traveled off the pavement.

19)  Client agrees that Porteus may use any photos taken for advertisement.


Contact information for Client:

Phone Number: ___________________________


Cell Number: _____________________________


How many Guests: _________________________


Email Address: _____________________________


Location of wedding: _________________________







Date: ________________________________________________



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